How a Web Host generated 0.87€ more per domain with just 1 mDI recipe

Case Study

How a Web Host generated 0.87€ more per domain with just 1 mDI recipe


A while ago, we were working with a global web host and registrar serving over 1.5 million customers.

They wanted to improve the uptake of an SEO add-on being offered to customers and needed an efficient way to do so without burdening their internal data or development teams.

The challenge was to place the add-on at the most relevant time possible, when the customer was most likely to be receptive to its benefits.

Understanding the customers in terms of their digital journey was important, and exactly where mDI’s capabilities would be put to the test.

Read on to see how a single mDI recipe generated 0.87€ more per domain for this web host and registrar. Image

The Challenge

The SEO tool being offered as an add-on to hosting customers had good results and user satisfaction was high, so the host knew it provided real value.

At the time of purchasing an SEO tool, some customers will immediately recognize that it’ll be useful and acquire it during the registration flow. Others however, need some nudging.

We hypothesized if the tool was suggested to these customers at the right time, they’d recognize the benefits of incorporating it into their workflow and were likely to see results from using it.

However, if it was pushed too early in their digital journey (e.g, before they publish their website), it would lose relevance and they might not engage with it nor get value because they weren’t ready to start.

The Solution

Enter mDI. Domain Intelligence was the smartest way to tackle this challenge because we could:

There was no other solution that was so flexible and customizable, and in this case that could scan for the specific SEO data points our partner needed.

We used Domain Intelligence to identify the right moment to upsell this specific product to each individual website.

The Results


This single upsell across 350k domains generated €309k in additional revenue and 0.87€ in additional revenue per domain.

For us, this validated that sending the right message at the right time unlocks upselling opportunities, and enables relevant communications with domain owners.

Real Benefits

Revenue growth clearly stems from the implementation of this mDI recipe.

The amazing part? These are results from a single recipe - mDI now has over 10 preset recipes and unlimited ones you can create on your own! The possibilities are endless.

We all know that web hosting services and the add-ons they offer operate in an extremely competitive market, and they’re often differentiated by price rather than unique features.

This makes it imperative to offer the customer complementary products and services that demonstrate the host is a trusted source that knows exactly what they need at a given moment for their online journey.


Offering add-ons and services to customers only at the moment in their journey where they are highly relevant is the best way to optimize these revenue opportunities while actively serving customers better.

Additionally, you can use it to better understand and monitor the evolution of your domain portfolio.

Need to benchmark performance? Compare the impact of different activation strategies and campaigns? mDI also has you covered.


What about you?

We’re so confident you can see similar results, that we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

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