Unlock customer opportunities with actionable website intelligence

Domain Intelligence

mDI is a data solution for companies serving domains or websites to increase retention by uncovering upselling opportunities and customer insights within their user base.

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For Registries & Registrars

Segment users, monitor performance, etc...

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For Hosting Companies

Unlock upsells and increase retention

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For Agencies

Easily identify sales opportunities

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Start with Recipes

Recipes automatically identify new issues or opportunities based on multiple data points within your customer base. We provide high quality recipes out of the box, but you can easily create your own.

Explore the data

You bring the domain list. We bring the data points that power your Recipes, and which you can filter, sort, and group by different properties. Easily export as CSV, and create the right campaign for the right users in seconds.

Contextual value

Get down to the detail of individual domains without losing sight of the big picture. Enable your teams to confidently act on customer domain insights by using mDI’s contextual data for precise targeting.

Transform data into a higher customer LTV

mDI extracts the most relevant information related to your domains and identifies clear upsell opportunities across different dimensions. Keep customers engaged by connecting with them with the right offer, at the right moment.

Segment domains by their success level

This value reflects the success or maturity of a website. The score takes into account values like number of pages, organic traffic, ranking in search engines, update frequency, etc.

Detect security issues

We perform security checks taking into account values like SSL configuration, CMS version, HTTP headers, etc. Use this to proactively assist customers who have low security scores with support and services.

Know the websites performance

mDI scans all sites in your dataset to measure their loading speed & performance. Aid customers in improving the user experience and SEO of their site by proactively offering them support, as well as plugins, DIFM services and more.

Segment sites by type & industry category

Leveraging AI, we detect the website’s type (blog, corporate, ecommerce, etc) and its industry category. Use this to personalize campaigns, educate customers and offer them individualized support.

Detect SEO issues

Thanks to marketgoo’s proprietary technology, we can perform SEO analysis on all websites and generate a SEO score and determine an SEO level. Use this to offer relevant services such as SEO tools, DIFM services, and support for websites.

Identify the technology stack of any domain

Get a technology profile of each domain: CMS, plugins, libraries, server configuration, etc. and provide more personalized support and offer specialized services that align with the technologies in use.

Robust and flexible

mDI was created by marketgoo, a company with 12 years of experience providing SEO data to global hosting companies and SMB Providers.

No matter your size, we easily can handle hundreds, thousands or millions of domains.

Easy integration, own your data

Forget about complex integrations, vendor-locked databases or trying to do it all in-house. mDI keeps it simple by allowing you to import/export your data in CSV files, and we’re currently evaluating integrations with popular CRMs.

Detect changes quickly

Unlike other similar products, mDI updates your domains’ data every week. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because it was detected too late.

mDI is in active development and access is invite-only. Request a demo if you want to try it.

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